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Available for online viewing Nov 3 - 14
  • 03 Nov 2015 - 14 Nov 2015

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The Genius of George Boole is an Oxford Film and Television production and is commissioned by University College Cork. OFTV has won many awards for its productions including two Oscars, four BAFTAs, two Indies, an RTS award, the Silver Hugo at the Chicago Film Festival and a Cable ACE.  Filmed in Ireland (Cork), UK and US this 58minute film shines new light on the life, work and legacy of George Boole, whose role in the digital revolution has been largely unknown. The digital world is in its infancy and industries in their infancy struggle to look back and investigate where the industry came from. This film redresses this and specifically focuses on an unsung hero of the digital age-George Boole.

The documentary is now available on the RTÉ Player:

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