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Main Quadrangle, University College Cork

Main Quadrangle, University College Cork

  • 01 Sep 2014

A celebration of the life and legacy of George Boole was announced by UCC President Michael Murphy to a gathering in UCC's Aula Maxima in January 2013..

In honour of the visit of the Irish Technology Leadership Group (ITLG) to the university, UCC President Michael Murphy announced a celebration of the life and legacy of George Boole.Since then, a steering group, chaired by Patrick Fitzpatrick, Professor Emeritus and formerly Head of the College of Science, Engineering and Food Science at UCC, has been working intensively on planning a programme for the year.

In preparing for the celebrations we are working closely with Cork City Council, the University of Lincoln, and Lincoln City Council.

The celebration of George Boole* 200 (1815-2015) will feature an ambitious range of projects and events including:

  • Redevelopment of Boole’s house at 5 Grenville Placein partnership with Cork City Council
  • Conferences: mathematics/computer science
  • Exhibitions: UCC library, connection to Boole’s birthplace in Lincoln
  • Genealogy Project: Boole’s extended family history
  • Outreach to promote the better understanding of science to school children and the general public 
  • Film documentary: Boole’s life and legacy
  • Biography: a revised edition of Professor Des MacHale’s seminal biography
  • Creative arts: statue of Boole, music, works in other media
  • Art and Boole: Exhibition of works at UCC Glucksman Gallery
  • Establishment of the UCC George Boole Institute

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