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A Creative Concepts Workshop by Alyssa Hinton - George Boole's Great-Great Granddaughter

Alyssa Hinton - George Boole's Great-Great Granddaughter

Alyssa Hinton - George Boole's Great-Great Granddaughter

  • 17 Aug 2016

Create a visual paradox, see and draw sounds, illustrate a dream, composite a personal narrative, re-interpret common images, or transform a photograph!

The “Creative Concepts” workshop will help students and staff of varied levels and disciplines expand their perceptive ability and intuitive intelligence. Drawing and collage will serve as the basis for exploring and conveying provocative themes and concepts.

The art process is an inter-relational way of structuring information that stresses relationships as opposed to facts. Participation involves a whole brained experience of exploring and integrating information, where analogies are drawn and "the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.” The art process deals with complexity and ambiguity and enhances our ability to consider differing viewpoints. There are always many solutions to one problem. Because of this, art activities can ultimately aid in the development of the higher order thinking skills necessary for creative problem solving in all realms of living.

Unusual, yet cohesive solutions to visual problems are found by tricking the rational mind into “losing its grip.”

Alyssa Hinton, great great granddaughter of George Boole, is an internationally recognised mixed media artist and art educator from the United States. She earned her B.F.A. from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and her M.A. in Art & Design from North Carolina State University. She has studied internationally at the University of Grenoble, France, Parson’s in Paris, Beijing University, and China Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Alyssa is an art professor and licensed art educator. In 2002 she developed a free-lance curriculum entitled "Art for Life" that specialized in contextual learning solutions for troubled youth. She later adapted this program for various art residencies, including an IBM Enterprise Learning workshop applied to business planning and leadership styles. 

Most recently Alyssa has conducted college level workshops at the University of Colorado at Fort Collins, The University of North Carolina at Pembroke and at Roxboro Community College, Roxboro, NC.

In 2015, having studied art in China over 30 years ago, she was invited as artist in residence to The China Academy of Art in Hang Zhou, China.

  • Venue: Boole Library Seminar Room
  • Date(s) and Time(s): To be confirmed
  • Open to all UCC staff and students.


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