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Boole2School Launches with Fanfare

Learn about Boolean Logic in honour of George Boole's Bicentenary

Learn about Boolean Logic in honour of George Boole's Bicentenary

  • 16 Oct 2015

Over 45 countries now participating!

UCC brings Boole2School is the flagship educational outreach programme of George Boole 200. Boole was the first Professor of Mathematics at University College Cork (UCC), Ireland, whose research in logic and algebra laid the foundations of much of the modern technology that we use today. UCC’s School of Mathematics and Maths Circles Ireland have developed a series of fun and age-appropriate lesson plans for teachers which will reach into the classroom to introduce students to George Boole, his mathematics and his legacy.

This education initiative, the first of its kind, will result in students across the globe studying logic, all on the same day — November 2, the bicentenary of Boole’s birth.

Get involved with Boole2School

George Boole 200 would like to invite you to register your class. Upon registration, teachers receive free age-appropriate lesson plans, puzzles and worksheets, developed by Maths Circles Ireland The lessons are available in English, Irish and Mandarin, for students aged 8 to 18. Approximately 70,000 school students globally are already signed up.

The subject of logic itself is rarely taught in the modern curriculum, and it is often regarded as rather lifeless and uninteresting, said Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at University College Cork, Patrick Fitzpatrick. “However, the overwhelming majority of school students play computer games, and these provide an avenue for the study of elementary logic in an environment that is both familiar and enjoyable.”

On the value of computers in schools, Professor Brian Fitzgerald, Chief Scientist at Lero, the Irish Software Research Centre, echoed Professor Fitzpatrick’s comments: “The key challenge is not to reduce the use of computers or the internet in Irish schools, but to show how this technology can be used more effectively to train students in problem-solving and collaboration.”

b2s irish times title

Irish Daily Mail, September 30 2015 Page 6

Recent coverage of the UCC brings Boole2School programme has attracted substantial attention from over 40 press outlets in Ireland and abroad for its novel approach. Media coverage in UK and Ireland includes Silicon Republic and  TodayFM and focusing on how computer games such as Minecraft and CandyCrush can be presented by teachers to increase their student’s ability to use logical argument.

Professor Fitzpatrick expressed strong support for this “wonderful initiative”, which “allows us to celebrate the significance of Boole's achievement and remind the world of its Irish origins, but also very importantly, gamification provides a structure for teachers and pupils to learn about Boolean logic in an enjoyable and fun atmosphere.”

We would be delighted if you would join our Boolean ambassadors to help spread the word about Boole2School.

Encourage the teachers in your life to deliver Boole2School on November 2nd – all they have to do is register online to release the lessons. Send this invitation to any scientific or educational networks you belong to and ask them to forward to their members.

Further information on George Boole and the bicentenary celebrations is available across this website and contact details can be found at the bottom of each page. You are also welcome to establish contact with UCC brings Boole2School on

Join us on November 2 this year, the bicentenary of the birth of George Boole, as we celebrate his legacy and incredible contribution to the digital world we live in.

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