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George Boole at the intersection of science and faith

Boole Memorial Plaque

Boole Memorial Plaque

  • 15 Jan 2015

Science and religion have distinctly different functions, and, so long as each sticks to its last, there is no need for conflict between them, writes Professor Emeritus Willie Reville.

Willie Reville’s article in the Irish Times explores the age-old question of the distinction between science and religion. Last December, in Boole’s final resting place, Saint Michael’s Church, Blackrock in Cork, a Choral Evensong Service was held. Those who attended the service in remembrance of George Boole heard Canon Mark Hocknull address the issue. Drawing inspiration from his words, Professor Reville refers to Boole’s work as ‘blue skies’, where the fruits of his labour were only revealed in practical application some 70 years later. Read the full article.

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