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Hundreds of Boolean Experts Descend on Cork

The Boole Conferences at UCC

The Boole Conferences at UCC

  • 18 Aug 2015

The Boole conferences celebrate the Boolean Legacy with a series of academic conferences stretching from August 17 until September 5.

An ambitious series of conferences has begun at University College Cork celebrating the Boolean legacy across the STEM fields. Between now and September 5, Boolean experts will gather in Cork as part of events coordinated by the George Boole 200 programme.

Throughout 2015, University College Cork is celebrating the George Bicentennial year. The core of the programme of events, however, is these conferences which explore Boole’s intellectual legacy. Opened yesterday by Patrick Fitzpatrick, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, who set the scene for the upcoming weeks of debate by asserting that ‘Boole deserves to be as well-known as Einstein and we hope these conferences will be the beginning of that.’

Conferences have been organised in Mathematics, Computer Science and Constraint Programming with physicists, programmers and engineers also in attendance. Papers will be given in at least 5 academic disciplines with lectures covering a vast spectrum of research, all of which is profoundly influenced by Boolean logic.

In particular promoting the George Boole Focus Programme in Mathematical Sciences at the School of Mathematical Sciences (SMS), which upholds UCC as a focal point of mathematical research in Ireland with global visibility, the conference aims to improve the international standing of mathematical research conducted in Ireland. Members of the public, the academic community, industry and any interested individuals are welcome to attend public lectures on Wednesday evenings as part of the George Boole Mathematical Sciences conference. Over 230 renowned Mathematicians have traveled from around the world to attend these Boole Conferences.

All are welcome to register for the Bicentenary Celebration, Friday 28th – Sunday 30th August, 2015. Bicentenary Celebration includes plenary lectures with broad appeal. Join industry expects and academic scholars for an engaging weekend of talks which will bridge academic disciplines and celebrate the Boolean legacy.

George Boole first applied algebra to binary systems over 150 years ago and untold scholars have developed these ideas into a theory of Boolean Logic. This theory underscores all modern technology. Lord Puttnam, Ireland’s Digital Champion, puts this in perspective in the upcoming George Boole Documentary by telling the audience, ‘No George Boole, no Google, no Amazon, no Intel…. That makes him pretty important.’

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