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Oh What a Night...

Image Credit: Tomás Tyner, UCC

Image Credit: Tomás Tyner, UCC

  • 06 Feb 2015

“Stimulating and inspiring!” was just one comment following the George Boole 200 Inaugural Lectures in UCC last evening.

Speakers Professor Muffy Calder, OBE and Professor Albeto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli captivated a crowd of over 300 people in the Boole 4 Lecture Theatre,while many more tuned in online. The lectures, part of the George Boole 200 Programme brought Boole’s theory to life as the speakers showed the impact of his work on their lives.

Dara Ó Briain slipped in to catch the lectures before his show later that evening in the Cork Opera House, tweeting that the event was a “small nerd bonus to being in Cork.”

Brian Kingham, Chairman of UK based Reliance Security Group, sponsored the event said: “It should surprise no one that it was here in Cork that the mathematical theories that underpin the digital age were created. Ireland throughout the ages has been a source of ideas and inspiration for the World and Boolean logic must rate as one of its greatest contributions.”

The event was a fitting start to the public lectures that are planned throughout the year as UCC celebrates the bicentenary George Boole (1815-2015) the forefather of the information age and first professor of mathematics in University College Cork. The 'billion benifits of Boole' has been reported on extensively and a catch all media roundup is available here. In case you were unable to attend, you can also access the podcast from this link.

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