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Santa Caught on Camera

West wing under snow. Credit Tony Archer

West wing under snow. Credit Tony Archer

  • 22 Dec 2014

UCC’s Electrical and Electronic Engineering try to catch Santa while on his annual visit to UCC for the Children’s Christmas Party.

Inspired by the words of No Limbs No Limits star and UCC student Joanne O ’Riordan who called for more capable robots while addressing the United Nations' International Telecommunication Union's Conference in 2012 Emanuel Popovici and his team have taken this challenge and developed some smart, low cost toys with intelligent interfaces. By using the latest advances in wireless embedded systems and sensor technologies this year’s toys were developed particularly for those children who for one reason or other cannot catch Santa including children with special needs, children in hospitals or simply children falling asleep before Santa comes. Check out the video below. 


The toys are filmed on the landmark setting of the UCC campus, in a room that was  used as a library when George Boole was the first Professor of Mathematics at UCC. In 2015 UCC celebrates 200 years since his birth.

The Embedded Systems team:Michele Donovan, Fiona Edwards Murphy, James Cunningham, and Emanuel Popovici(supervisor).

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