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Success for UCC brings Boole2School

  • 20 Nov 2015

Schools in 48 countries celebrated George Boole Day with Boole2School.

UCC brings Boole2School has been a cornerstone of the George Boole Bicentenary Celebrations this year at University College Cork. Teachers from 48 different countries around the world registered to engage in Boolean math lessons. Over 70,000 students participated in these lessons on George Boole Day, November 2 2015. Our lessons take the form of interactive puzzles using examples from popular games such as Minecraft and Candycrush. Be sure to check out the Boole World on Minecraft.

Due to the phenomenal response to UCC brings Boole2School, lessons in English, Irish and Mandarin will be available here on our website until at least the end of the year. To continue to stay up to date with similar projects we recommend that you visit the Maths Circles website for their upcoming events, extra lesson plans and puzzles. This project would not have been possible without our sponsors, thank you.

B2S infographic

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