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The Boole Connection - Cork Culture Night

George Boole LLD DCL FRS - Founder of Symbolic Logic and Father of the Digital Age

George Boole LLD DCL FRS - Founder of Symbolic Logic and Father of the Digital Age

  • 19 Sep 2018

This year, St. Michael’s Church, Church of Ireland, Church Road, Blackrock will host a Boolean event as part of Cork Culture Night on  Friday, 21st September at 7.30 pm.


St Michael's Church where George Boole is buried

Members of the audience will be treated to pipe organ music on arrival together with a brief history of this beautiful building.  All this will bring you gently into the main event: a free lecture on George Boole’s links to St Michael’s where he is memorialized and buried.

What is so important about George Boole?

Much of the world of technology that supports life, learning and communications in the twenty-first century depend on the inventive and versatile mathematics devised by George Boole, University College Cork's first Professor of Mathematics from 1849 to his premature death in 1864.

George Boole was also an intensely religious man and it is a very complex matter to decide what precisely his religious beliefs were and what form his religious observance took.

New Discoveries

This interesting lecture will be given by both Desmond MacHale and Yvonne Cohen and it will incorporate new discoveries revealed in MacHale and Cohen’s forthcoming book: “New Light on George Boole” on the noted scholar.  This exciting book will appear from Cork University Press in November 2018.

Guest Lecturers - Brief Overview

Desmond MacHale is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at University College Cork where Boole was the first Professor of Mathematics. He is also author of “The Life and Work of George Boole” (Boole Press 1985, reprinted by Cork University Press 2014).

Des MacHale and George Boole Bust

Yvonne Cohen is a mathematics and history graduate of University College Cork (UCC) and holds a Masters degree in Mathematics from UCC. Yvonne is a Chartered Accountant.

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St Michael’s Church

Boolean Connection Timeline

7.30 pm                Pipe Organ Music

7.40 pm                History of St. Michael’s Church in brief

7.45 pm                Lecture on George Boole’s links to St. Michael’s Church

9.00 pm                Close



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