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Public Seminar on George Boole the life and the man

Public Seminar on George Boole the life and the man
The George Boole Chronicles Cover
  • 23 Mar 2015 - 23 Mar 2015
  • 7. 00 pm
  • Aula Maxima, University College Cork

Boole's Genealogy

Ms Olivia Frawley, George Boole 200* Family History Project Manager, UCC with Patrick Fitzpatrick, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, UCC will present a public seminar with Lord Mayor Cllr. Mary Shields, on the life and work of George Boole. This event will be introduced by Patrick Fitzpatrick, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, UCC, who will also speak on George Boole’s legacy in computing and in both software and hardware.

This seminar will be of interest to those who like to hear a good story about a complex man. George Boole was someone, who against all the odds achieved great things that have a lasting and important legacy for all of us today.  This presentation will delve into the remarkable life of George Boole and it will provide a fascinating insight into George Boole’s family and their amazing accomplishments. The stories of his human legacy i.e. his children and his children’s children. This talk will bring George Boole, University College Cork's first professor of mathematics to life and will include narratives around the people who make-up George Boole’s family and unravel the intriguing characters and amazing accomplishments associated with the family. 

Olivia, as the George Boole 200 Genealogy Project Manager has interpreted the research and produced three distinct approaches to the dissemination of the family tree. The  talk will illustrate some of the ways in which complex and intensive research can be adapted to various platforms in order to make it more accessible and interesting for the modern day reader. All will be on display on the night.

Please register for the event here.

UCC greatly and gratefully acknowledges the support of David Giltinan in enabling the project

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